Time Shock is a very nice pinball game from Pro Pinball.

Graphics: 7.5
While still 2D graphics, they're photo-realistic and well done!
Sounds: 8.0
High quality sound, sounds just like a real pinball table.
Gameplay: 8.3
It's hard to go wrong on pinball, but they go above and beyond!
Fun: 7.6
I like pinball This is probably the highest rating I'd give any pinball game.
Presentation: 6.5
The game itself would be close to 8, but the menus are goofy and crude around 5... Averages to a 6.5.
Technology: 8
For it's age, it's a very very well put together game...

Overall: 7.7

Timeshock is a wonderful pinball game which is meant to simulate a REAL pinball machine in every aspect. Custom options for everything from skill, to disrepair of the table.. I've read other reviews of pinball afficianado's who claim that as pinball tables go, this is a very difficult to master table! I'm no where near a master to pinball, so I can't get passed level 2. But that doesn't stop me from trying over and over!!

I recommend it much. I think it's found in several pinball collections, but as the company has gone out of business... It's difficult to find. But worth the effort.