BioShock is a First Person Shooter with RPG development elements, and very nice graphics!

Graphics: 9
The graphics are unbelievable, have to be seen to be believed! I've never seen game-water look as good as this..
Sounds: 8.5
Very very nice sounds.
Gameplay: 4
1/5th the keys can NOT be customized, making the game tricky. Read further for more on why this was such a low score.
Fun: 5.7
The game is very fun when it works, but given problems noted, it is more an exercise in frustration then anything.
Presentation: 7.7
The games very well laid out, lots of things make sense (Except the reserved-keys, those make no sense.)
Technology: 3
Very VERY bad code wise. This game is incompatible with most versions of video drivers I tested on, it took a long time to find a video driver version that was sometimes stable!

Overall: 4.5

Longer Review:
Bioshock claims to be a spiritual successor to System Shock 2. There's a lot of similarity, and fun elements brought back. While it's still a step backwards on game play from System Shock 1, it's good all the same.
You find out the story of what happened in the city of Rapture through recorded logs of it's citizens, just like System Shock. The voice acting for the insane survivors of the city is superb, and the motion capture is a joy to behold! Very very realistic.

Unfortunately, this game suffers from it's coding in the stability area. A large number of keys the game will NOT let you reconfigure, and some it will only let you reconfigure after trying a half dozen times. The game is not compatible with most versions of video drivers, and crashes a LOT. And worse, when the game crashes, it wipes out your preferences and configuration files!
Even worse then that, the configuration wipe is INTENDED. They deliberately wanted your configuration files destroyed when the game crashes! There is a work-around to keep your settings, which is to delete running.ini from the games folder prior to running the game.
When moving from area to area or saving, your player-data may become corrupt (i.e., suddenly having -1 ammunition). The only way to correct it is to load a game from earlier. With that and the games instability, I wound up with a 7 save games rotating on a 2 minute save schedule to not lose so much when it crashed, and possibly had previous saves corrupted. The game is NOT that difficult, and if it was stable the auto-save would probably be enough.

With such incompatibilities and decisions to annoy the user, I had to give this game a very low score.