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    Default Ormerod 2 Upgrade doc

    I have no idea where to put this, so it's posted here!

    If I find a different/better web site to post this to, I'll link to it.
    Ormerod 2 upgrade!

    As RepRapPro has closed it's doors, and I can't read Chineese, I'm writing up this list to try to provide some documentation on how to upgrade existing Ormerod 2's into Ormerod 2 dual-color.

    The Short list of what's needed:
    Printed parts
    1 additional Extruder.
    1.5 additional Hot-ends. (Or 2 hot-ends, if you don't reuse parts from the existing one.)
    Upgraded electronics.

    Here's what you need for the Nozzle Assembly (x2):
    PTFE Heatshrink 4:1 -- This wraps the thermister, I don't have a source for this yet.
    100k Thermistor --
    Quick-Set Nozzle -- They only have the 0.3mm, there's discussion on the forum about finding a 0.5, but at this point, I don't know where to get one.
    Heater Block --
    Heater --
    Molex Plug -- - Note, need 1 more for the Fan for the vanilla version (3 total)
    Small 24~26 guage thermistor wire - No online source, just about any source will do.
    Tapered Nut --
    Molex plug pins x4:
    Housing contacts (For the thermistor connections) x2:
    Bowden fitting:
    PTFE Bowden Tube:

    Should probably get a few extra Molex terminals if you are inexperienced with crimping them. They are quite easy to destroy.

    Only need 1 of these:
    Quick-set cooling block:

    If you want to use your existing Duet, you'll need an upgraded regulator, new wiring connectors, and the Duet shield. It's an awful lot of work and added complexity.
    New shield:
    New Regulator:
    I don't have a link for new wires, however, I reccomend simplifying things by replacing all of that with just a new upgraded Duet:

    Wire Looms:
    The dual-color has different wire looms than the mono Ormerod. The Ormerod Mono gets by with a single 6-lead loom to handle the fan/hot end/thermister, but the dual color uses 3 4-wire looms. One pair for each thermistor/heater, and 1 4-lead for the 2 fans. (Always on cooling fan, and optional work-cooling fan, which is left unconnected.)
    Thermistor/Heater Loom:
    4-conductor wire (1m): They have lots to choose from, may want to shop around.
    3-connector plug: *Needed for 0.6 Duet ONLY, 0.8.5 uses screw-terminals*
    2-connector plug: (Needed for thermistors)
    Pins for plug:
    4-connector housing:
    Pins for housing:

    If you use the Duet 0.8.5, the Z-Probe loom needs to be adjusted, as the 0.8.5 Duet has it's own Z-Probe sensor port.
    You can use a small blade screwdriver on the existing 2/3 ports to remove the pins and place them in the new plug.

    I have not kept up with hardware (screws/nuts/etc.) at all. No clue if any extra are needed, I've had everything I needed to hand. Except for the few screws/hobbed insert for the extruder.

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    Great stuff Marri. Very detailed, much appreciated.

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