Mappie 1.54 has some different view options, to change these view options go to the Grid Setup menu.

From what I know, to set up the display for proper viewing of maps use the following settings:

Everquest 1 maps: (Default)
Set Horizontal to X axis
Set Vertical to Y axis.

Everquest 2 Maps:
Set Horizontal to X axis and check Invert Axis.
Set Vertical to Z axis.

Mappie 1.54 unlocks the Iso view ability. I still think that it's unstable, but I haven't gotten it to crash for me recently.

To use it, check the Iso checkbox next to the grid setup in the Grid Settings menu. While in "Panning" mode, hold down the Shift key to rotate the view.
The other grid settings are ignored in Iso view, and input is not properly adjusted so do not free-draw or line-draw while Mappie is in Iso mode.