This applies to Mappie 1.54 and above.
This is an itermediate/advanced tutorial.

Custom language options for logs can be set in the External String table. This file is named:

Where en is the English version.
The Language Option dialog lets you choose which file you wish to use.

The string table has the following format:
If any string is left out, Mappie will use it's internal defaults. The number codes are as follows:

1- Location string (EQ1)
2- Location string (EQ2)
3- Zone-enter string
4- Words to ignore (in location finder)
5- Orientation String (EQ2)

The location strings are where it tells you "Your Location is", and is needed for Mappie to determine if the game is sending a loc. The phrase must appear at the beginning of the line.
The Zone-enter string also must appear at the beginning of the line. It's where the game says "You have entered <Zone>", everything AFTER the enter string is taken to be the "Zone name."
Words to ignore is for the location finder that marks locations people say on maps. When one of these words is seen, the entire line is thrown away as not having locations. The location finder takes a whole variety of formats and it's a lot easier for it to discard the entire line quickly then spend a great deal of time trying to figure out there's no loc (Or come up with a bogus one. Combat/vendors would confuse it quite a bit.)
Orientation string is in EQ 2 telling you which way you are facing. Mappie doesn't use this data, but it knows it should be there on an EQ 2 location and checks for it.