This applies to Mappie 1.50 Registered version and later.

The full version of Mappie unlocks the "Map Updates" feature.

The Map Updates feature contacts and browses their master list of maps. It compares the map list to the dates of the maps in your Everquest map folder. If the map online has a newer date then your map folder, it flags that one as a potential for download.

In this way, it can keep your maps current.

This feature is located on the "Tools" menu at the bottom of the drop down. To use it, click "Tools", then go down to "Map Updates". This will work weather or not a map is currently loaded.

Mappie will then ask you if you want to check for updated maps, and that it may take a few minutes.

When it is done, it will bring up a display like this one:

NOTICE: The FIRST time you run this, the Map Folder may have the wrong folder listed. If this happens, the display of maps may be incorrect. Click the "Browse" button, point it at the correct map folder, then click "OK".
Restart the Map Updates and it will have the settings correct.

Mappie only downloads Layer 1 maps at this time, but will save them to layer 1, 2 or 3, as you specify. The Macro is for running a saved favorite macro on a map. i.e, color preferances so the downloaded map will be cleaned up by a standard script of your choosing. Creating a map grid is the same as using the map grid feature from the menu with an open map. This may be saved to a new file, or a onto a the map.
Warning: If you choose to have it save on the same layer but not using the "On map" radio, Mappie will overwite the map with the grid.

When there are multiple maps to download, Mappie will decide which one to download based on the radio button. The "Ask" dialog doesn't function at this time.
Your three choices are:
Download Newest - Download the newest map available.
Download Most Popular - Choose to download whichever map has had the most downloads.
Download Highest Rated - People vote for their favorites online, This option will download the map with the highest rating.

It is strongly reccomended that you keep the button "Back up Existing maps" checked. This button causes your old map to be renamed to <mapname>.bak so that it can be restored if you do not like the new map.